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Inelegant Blade syntax
Is there no more elegant way to do a conditional class in Blade?
<ul class="nolist">
@foreach ($docs_versions as $doc_key => $doc_version)
@if (DOCS_VERSION == $doc_key)
><a href="{{ url('docs/' . $doc_version['url_key']) }}" title="{{ $doc_version['title'] }}">{{ $doc_version['title'] }}</a></li>

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@mattstauffer mattstauffer commented Jul 30, 2014

@ericbarnes suggested ternary. I like it!

            <ul class="nolist">
                @foreach ($docs_versions as $doc_key => $doc_version)
                    <li class="{{{ DOCS_VERSION == $doc_key ? 'current' : '' }}}">
                        <a href="{{ url('docs/' . $doc_version['url_key']) }}" title="{{ $doc_version['title'] }}">{{ $doc_version['title'] }}</a>
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