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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Notes from Test-Kitchen for Windows ChefSummit 2014 Meeting

What is needed for Minimum Viable Product of WinKitchen

  • Need a way to hint if command interpreter is bash or posh
  • Finalize the transport mechanism (Fletcher Nichol is the tech champ for this)
  • WinRM Transport
  • SSH Transport
  • Create command plugin layer (Jay Mundrawla is the tech champ for this)
  • Fletcher to push a small kitchen release (Fletcher Nichol to complete)
  • Regression test the new changes with existing functions (linux machines, etc) (Matt Stratton is the tech champ for this)
  • Small kitchen release mixed into a ChefDK release

RFC Process

An RFC process for Kitchen should be created. Investigate having this facilitated/hosted by CHEF Software. Please use the comments on this gist to share your thoughts on how to accomplish this. Maybe an ever two week meeting in #kitchenci.

General Captures

Mechanics People Are Using Today

  • Running sshd on the Windows guest
  • The Transport/WinRM fork done by Salim Afiune
  • A fork of the aforementioned fork, using chef-metal (Matt Wrock)
  • Other forks of the fork

Advantage of the Transport mode is you could replace using winrm/ssh with a cloud API (aws, azure, etc)

There are issues with privilege escalation/security context when using WinRM (citation needed)

Suggested to create an OSS implementation of of PS Remoting endpoints (someone confirm I wrote that down properly)

Kitchen needs to be able to reboot/re-run a converge action

  • Signal codes?
  • There is a reboot resource (xplat) in Chef 12. Question about being able to modify the exit codes.
  • Kitchen should consume exit codes in a standard way from provisioners (e.g., chef-client can return code 1 for reboot, and would translate that to 300 if that is the code that Kitchen wants)

Push jobs in Kitchen??


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