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AFNetworking 1.0

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AFNetworking 1.0

It was 500 days ago exactly that AFNetworking was first announced to the world.

Today, I'm humbled to announce a new milestone for AFNetworking: 1.0.

What started as a few small optimizations to the networking layer of Gowalla by me and Scott Raymond has grown into a strong and vibrant open source community. Iterating over hundreds of issues, pull requests, questions, feature requests, and conversations over the last year and a half, AFNetworking has truly grown into a world-class piece of software. I'm so proud of the hard work everyone has put into this release; I can't thank you all enough for your ongoing support and encouragement.

And with ideas for 1.1 and 2.0 already buzzing around, and exciting new developments in AFIncrementalStore, the most exciting times for the project are still ahead of us.

It's an honor and my absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to work on something that so many people use and love.

~ Mattt

AFNetworking Contributors

Congratulations, Mattt (and contributors)! Thanks for all your work!

Congrats guys. Thanks for the work and thanks for the perseverance.

Love to here this, thanks for all!

Congrats To all.,.,. Thanks For your work guys..... Good Job!!

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