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Created November 7, 2019 03:42
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declare module 'humio' {
interface Options {
ssl?: boolean;
host: string;
port: number;
basePath?: string;
dataspaceId?: string;
sessionId?: string;
includeClientMetadata?: boolean;
includeSessionId?: boolean;
additionalFields?: { [key: string]: any };
ingestToken?: string;
repository?: string;
class Humio {
constructor(options: Options);
json: { [key: string]: any },
options?: {
additionalFields?: { [key: string]: any };
tags?: { [key: string]: any };
timestamp?: string;
): Promise<void>;
message: string,
additionalFields?: { [key: string]: any }
): Promise<void>;
addMetadata(fields: { [key: string]: any }): void;
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