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@matzeeable matzeeable/example.php Secret
Created Feb 14, 2019

What would you like to do? Blog: Documentation for WordPress Actions and Filters
* Enqueue scripts for all admin pages.
* @since 2.8.0
* @hook admin_enqueue_scripts
* @param {string} $hook_suffix The current admin page.
do_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', $hook_suffix );
* Filters the title tag content for an admin page.
* @since 3.1.0
* @hook admin_title
* @param {string} $admin_title The page title, with extra context added.
* @param {string} $title The original page title.
* @returns {string} The title
$admin_title = apply_filters( 'admin_title', $admin_title, $title );
npm install jsdoc -g
npm install wp-hookdoc --save-dev
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