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iOS roadmap


Christos and I sat down and reviewed the items for our next iterations

1.0.1 (bug fixes)

  • AEROGEAR-1051: iOS Pagination (Test with Reddit API)
  • AEROGEAR-1144: Extract paging parameters to a PageConfig object
  • right now, this is different in iOS; we need to match the other APIs
  • AEROGEAR-1136: Remove Auth-Token from iOS library
  • Based on the Auth-Token overhaul and getting rid of todoauth demo server:
  • AEROGEAR-1114: integration test: remove TODODAUTH usage
  • AEROGEAR-1113: API Doc: Remove references of TODOAUTH server
  • AEROGEAR-1104: iOS TODO app: change URL

1.1.0 (new features)

  • AEROGEAR-1141: Enable Multipart uploads on AG iOS
  • AEROGEAR-1090: Add HTTP digest authentication support on AeroGear iOS
  • AEROGEAR-1093: Add HTTP basic authentication support on AeroGear iOS
  • AEROGEAR-1063: Xcode template: include OTP option
  • AEROGEAR-1125: Support for Nested Resources in iOS
  • Current status, on nested resources, is it needs a bit more thinking - not sure if that arrives after 1.1.0 ?

1.1.0 (nice to have)

2.0.0 (major features)

Question: Will that be included in 1.2.0 or 1.3.0)?

  • Client Push Registration SDK
  • see epciAEROGEAR-1036
  • Sync & Offline
  • see AEROGEAR-830 and linked JIRAs
  • Part of Offline could mean better CoreData integration: see AEROGEAR-812
  • Notifications: I guess that somewhat belongs to Data-Sync and Offline support;

Questions ?

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