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@maulvi maulvi/debloat.txt
Created Jun 20, 2018

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rm -rf system/app/AntHalService
rm -rf system/app/Apollo
rm -rf system/app/BasicDreams
rm -rf system/app/BookmarkProvider
rm -rf system/app/Browser
rm -rf system/app/CellBroadcastReceiver
rm -rf system/app/CMFileManager
rm -rf system/app/CMHome
rm -rf system/app/CMWallpapers
rm -rf system/app/DashClock
rm -rf system/app/DownloadProviderUi
rm -rf system/app/DSPManager
rm -rf system/app/EasterEgg
rm -rf system/app/Eleven
rm -rf system/app/Email
rm -rf system/app/ExactCalculator
rm -rf system/app/Exchange2
rm -rf system/app/Galaxy4
rm -rf system/app/Gallery2
rm -rf system/app/GalleryNext
rm -rf system/app/Gello
rm -rf system/app/GoogleTTS
rm -rf system/app/HexoLibre
rm -rf system/app/HoloSpiralWallpaper
rm -rf system/app/Jelly
rm -rf system/app/LiveWallpapers
rm -rf system/app/LiveWallpapersPicker
rm -rf system/app/LockClock
rm -rf system/app/MagicSmokeWallpapers
rm -rf system/app/ModioFX
rm -rf system/app/Music
rm -rf system/app/NoiseField
rm -rf system/app/OpenWeatherMapWeatherProvider
rm -rf system/app/PartnerBookmarksProvider
rm -rf system/app/PhaseBeam
rm -rf system/app/PhotoPhase
rm -rf system/app/PhotoTable
rm -rf system/app/PrintRecommendationService
rm -rf system/app/PrintSpooler
rm -rf system/app/Provision
rm -rf system/app/QuickSearchBox
rm -rf system/app/RRWallpapers
rm -rf system/app/SoundRecorder
rm -rf system/app/Stk
rm -rf system/app/Vending
rm -rf system/app/VideoEditor
rm -rf system/app/VisualizationWallpapers
rm -rf system/app/VoicePlus
rm -rf system/app/WallpaperBackup
rm -rf system/app/WhisperPush
rm -rf system/app/WundergroundWeatherProvider
rm -rf system/app/YahooWeatherProvider
rm -rf system/priv-app/AudioFX
rm -rf system/priv-app/CellBroadcastReceiver
rm -rf system/priv-app/CMAccount
rm -rf system/priv-app/CMAudioService
rm -rf system/priv-app/CMUpdater
rm -rf system/priv-app/DocumentsUI
rm -rf system/priv-app/Eleven
rm -rf system/priv-app/EmergencyInfo
rm -rf system/priv-app/LiveLockScreenService
rm -rf system/priv-app/ManagedProvisioning
rm -rf system/priv-app/OmniSwitch
rm -rf system/priv-app/OneTimeInitializer
rm -rf system/priv-app/OTAUpdates
rm -rf system/priv-app/PartnerBookmarksProvider
rm -rf system/priv-app/PitchBlack
rm -rf system/priv-app/Provision
rm -rf system/priv-app/qcrilmsgtunnel
rm -rf system/priv-app/QuickSearchBox
rm -rf system/priv-app/Recorder
rm -rf system/priv-app/Screencast
rm -rf system/priv-app/ScreenRecorder
rm -rf system/priv-app/SetupWizard
rm -rf system/priv-app/talkback
rm -rf system/priv-app/ThemeChooser
rm -rf system/priv-app/ThemeManagerService
rm -rf system/priv-app/ThemesProvider
rm -rf system/priv-app/Vending
rm -rf system/priv-app/WeatherManagerService
rm -rf system/priv-app/WeatherProvider
rm -rf system/media/audio/notifications
rm -rf system/media/audio/ringtones
rm -rf system/media/audio/ui
rm -rf sdcard/Alarms
rm -rf sdcard/Notifications
rm -rf sdcard/Podcasts
rm -rf sdcard/Ringtones
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