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@mavame mavame/00-old.js
Last active Sep 7, 2017

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Lazy-loading (code splitting) ES6 using Webpack 3
import Flickity from 'flickity'; // flickity now appears in main bundle.
const slideshow = document.querySelector('.slideshow');
if (slideshow) {
new Flickity(...);
} else {
// well, slideshow doesn't exist but we're still loading Flickity on every page :-(
// better way of doing this is to wait until you know you need Flickity and use System.import which is a Webpack-specific thing
const slideshow = document.querySelector('.slideshow');
if (slideshow)
System.import('flickity').then(Flickity => {
new Flickity(...);
// now Flickity is in a different bundle, loaded automatically at runtime only when needed (when .slideshow exists).
// make sure you include a publicPath definition in your webpack config
module.exports = {
output: {
publicPath: '/assets/',
// this will be where webpack tries to resolve the individual bundle it generated when System.import() ran.
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