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@max4kaps max4kaps/deploy.php
Created Aug 11, 2017

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Example of deploy.php for deployer - Symfony 3.3 with tagging on each deployment
/* (c) Max Kapshtyk <>
* Feel free to use for own purposes, don't forget to setup your information.
* For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE on our website
namespace Deployer;
use function Deployer\{host, task, run, set, get, add, before, after, upload, writeln};
require 'vendor/deployer/deployer/recipe/symfony3.php';
// Specify the repository from which to download your project's code.
set('repository', '');
set('dump_assets', true);
// Define a server for deployment.
->set('deploy_path', '/var/www/')
->set('branch', 'master')
->set('deploy_path', '/var/www/')
->set('branch', 'dev')
task('database:migrate', function () {
run('{{env_vars}} {{bin/php}} {{bin/console}} doctrine:migrations:migrate {{console_options}} --allow-no-migration');
})->desc('Run migrations on need');
task('database:fixture', function () {
// check if db exists
run('{{env_vars}} {{bin/php}} {{bin/console}} doctrine:fixtures:load {{console_options}}');
})->desc('Load data in db');
before('database:migrate', 'database:backup');
after('deploy:vendors', 'database:migrate');
* Dump all assets to the filesystem
task('deploy:assetic:dump', function () {
if (get('dump_assets')) {
run('{{env_vars}} {{bin/php}} {{bin/console}} assetic:dump {{console_options}} ');
})->desc('Dump assets');
* Dump all js translations
task('deploy:js-translation:dump', function () {
if (get('dump_assets')) {
run('{{env_vars}} {{bin/php}} {{bin/console}} bazinga:js-translation:dump {{console_options}} ');
})->desc('Dump all js translations, in 4bis we use bazinga');
before('deploy:assetic:dump', 'deploy:js-translation:dump');
// lovely tag in our repo
task('git:tag', function () {
$git = get('bin/git');
$release = get('release_name');
$date = run('date +"%Y%m%d%H%M%S"');
$stage = get('stage');
$releaseTag = $stage . '.' . $release . '.' . $date;
run("cd {{release_path}} && $git tag $releaseTag");
run("cd {{release_path}} && $git push origin --tags");
})->desc('Adding new deployment tag to repo');
task('nginx:reload', function () {
run("service nginx reload");
run('service php7.1-fpm restart');
})->desc('reload nginx for symlink to current');
after('deploy:unlock', 'git:tag');
after('deploy:unlock', 'nginx:reload');

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Martin1982 commented Feb 8, 2018

In line 46 ( a reference to database:backup is made. Using deployer ^0.6 this task is not available (I assume it should be a custom one).

Removing/commenting this line will run the deploy

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