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Max A.K. max630

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Prelude> data Foo = Foo
Prelude> data Bar = Bar
Prelude> data Baz = Baz
Prelude> data DoesntHave
Prelude> data Has
Prelude> data MyXml:: * -> * -> * -> * where { DFoo :: Foo -> MyXml Has a b; DBar :: Bar -> MyXml a Has b; DBaz :: Baz -> MyXml a b Has }
Prelude> :t [DFoo Foo, DBaz Baz]
[DFoo Foo, DBaz Baz] :: [MyXml Has a Has]
Prelude> let a = DBar Bar :: MyXml Has DoesntHave Has
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<!DOCTYPE html>
reads file films.json from the same directory. The file should contain array of arrays,
each of them of length 2. First element is identifier, second - path to the video file. Like this:
["a7bb5682ff4bf88a5140165a638770f6b38f2173", "terminator1.mp4"],
["419278cd408cbda642b433e14f18b38977f2a048", "terminator2.mp4"],
["df6ec9c82ca899c3c013daacf283d1c086499b2d", "alien-vs-predator.mp4"]
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diff --cc Documentation/DocBook/.gitignore
index c102c02,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000..c102c02
mode 100644,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000..100644
--- a/Documentation/DocBook/.gitignore
+++ b/Documentation/DocBook/.gitignore
diff --cc Documentation/block/barrier.txt
index 0397151,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000,0000000..0397151
mode 100644,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000,000000..100644
--- a/Documentation/block/barrier.txt
max630 / OMSet.hs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
simulation of ocaml's modules with typeclasses with type families
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{-# LANGUAGE TypeFamilies, ScopedTypeVariables, ExistentialQuantification, GADTs, Rank2Types #-}
{-# LANGUAGE FlexibleContexts #-}
module OMSet where
import System.Environment (getArgs)
import qualified Data.Set as DS
-- ocaml modules always used exlpicitly, without inferring from arguments
-- simulate it by adding bogus argument to all typeclass types and methods
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max630 / Makefile
Last active Aug 29, 2015
dynamic c++ calls
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all: dynamic dynamic.h
g++ -g -Wall -Werror -std=c++11 -shared -o
dynamic: dynamic.h
g++ -g -Wall -Werror -std=c++11 -o dynamic -ldl
View wm-notes.txt
A kind of specs for window manager I need now. A bit overspecified in some places, but is a good start.
Windows are floating, should snap each other. Would be interesting to play with tiling features, but only sometimes (auto resize snapped window).
service area is along side, which is ignored by window layouting (initial placement, maximize).
Either click to focus or sloppy focus (depends on having TrackPoint). No autoraise
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@-moz-document domain("") {
html, input {
font-size: 100% !important;
#topwrapper {
width: auto !important;
#content {
View 0001-gitk-refactor-split-getblobdiffline-into-IO-and-text.patch
From cd696bc74d369ac5c3a61a93afd327cddd57adf3 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Max Kirillov <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2013 18:26:31 +0300
Subject: [PATCH 1/3] gitk refactor: split getblobdiffline into IO and text
I would like to hack into diffs which gitk gets from commands.
To ease it, let's divide the read handler, getblobdiffline,
into reading and subsequent handling.
max630 / gist:2872656
Created Jun 5, 2012
Russian phonetic layout for MS Keyboard Layout Creator
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KBD RU2 "Russian Phonetic"
COPYRIGHT "(c) 2011 "
LOCALEID "00000419"
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