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NOTE I'm trying to find the most optimal fav/touch icon setup for my use-cases. Nothing new here. Read Mathias Bynens' articles on re-shortcut-icon and touch icons, a FAQ or a Cheat Sheet for all the details.

I'd like to hear how you approach this: @valuedstandards or comment on this gist.

The issue

You have to include a boatload of link elements pointing to many different images to provide (mobile) devices with a 'favicon' or 'touch icon':

![Touch Icon Links](

View gist:5847465ddf85f72d5ad0

The Laracasts PHPStorm theme - modified.

This is a slightly modified version of the great Laracasts PHPStorm theme. I've added some styles for Verions Control (add, modified, deleted line...) and fixed some missing things like warnings.



Mac: Add to ~/Library/Preferences/WebIde80/colors

anonymous / Gruntfile.js
Created Dec 31, 2013
Browser-sync + Jekyll + Grunt + Sass
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module.exports = function(grunt) {
// All configuration goes here
jekyll: {
build : {
dest: '_site'
OmShiv / snow.html
Created Dec 24, 2012
Snow animation
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<canvas id="canvas"></canvas>
electricg /
Created Dec 20, 2012
How to include CSS3PIE script in SASS in a clean way

Due to:

IE interprets the URL for the behavior property relative to the source HTML document, rather than relative to the CSS file like every other CSS property

(more info), the url is kept in a variable, to be easily changed according to the project:

$pie-path: "/myproject/";

No prefix needed unless 2.1 Android and below and 3.2 iOS and below or CSS3PIE for IE8 and below so this mixin is not really needed anymore – more info

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