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Created Jul 11, 2019
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jtalk cli
var fs = require('fs');
var Speaker = require('speaker'); // version 0.3.0
var OpenJTalk = require('node-openjtalk').OpenJTalk;
// pre-included HTS voice file
var fn_voice = OpenJTalk.voices.mei_normal;
// instantiate OpenJTalk with an HTS voice
var open_jtalk = new OpenJTalk({voice: fn_voice});
// synthesize a voice synchronously
var buffer = open_jtalk.synthesizeSync(process.argv[2], function(option) {
return {
speed: option.speed / 1.5
// flush to node-speaker
var speaker = new Speaker({
channels: 1,
bitDepth: 16,
sampleRate: 48000
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