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Last active Dec 14, 2015

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brainstorming static asset APIs
// note: none of this is implemented yet -- this is just a brainstorm
// problem: there isn't a well defined solution for publishing modules to NPM that
// include their own markup and styles. consider this contrived example:
module.exports = function makesButtonBlue(buttonId) {
var button = document.getElementById(buttonId)
button.className = 'blue'
// this assumes the person using this module has:
// - button markup on their page already
// - a css class definition for '.blue'
// solution brainstorming follows:
// html5 template is just a string containing an
// empty set of doctype, html, head and body tags
var html = require('html5-template')
// 'html-components' will probably be implemented using cheerio
// as well as
// and will work in browser + node
// the goal is to provide convenience methods for common
// stuff like inserting script tags and stylesheets
var page = require('html-components')(html)
// load pieces of a page
page.body('./button.html') // sets <body> contents
// you can also drop down to the cheerio API level
page('#foo').text = 'bar'
// 'render' the page
// so, to re-think the initial contrived example in a more modular way:
module.exports = function addsBlueButton(pageHTML, containerID) {
var page = require('html-components')(pageHTML)
var container = page('#' + containerID)
return page
// benefits to this approach:
// - you can pass a page instance between modules and it can get
// assets dynamically added into itself
// - it would work in browser and in node
// - since the browser level asset loading APIs are being abstracted it
// means that multiple 'deployment' environments would be supported, such as
// offline apps that put assets into indexeddb, static site generators,
// server side rendered web apps and client side rendered web apps
// downsides:
// - too much abstraction?
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