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Disclaimer: This is an unofficial post by a random person from the community. I am not an official representative of io.js. Want to ask a question? open an issue on the node-forward discussions repo

io.js - what you need to know


  • io is a fork of node v0.12 (the next stable version of node.js, currently unreleased)
  • io.js will be totally compatible with node.js
  • the people who created io.js are node core contributors who have different ideas on how to run the project
  • it is not a zero-sum game. many core contributors will help maintain both node.js and io.js
  • io.js is not adversarial to node.js
  • the io.js project uses an open governance model
  • io is the 4th largest moon of jupiter. it also means 'input/output', which is what io.js is good at (asynchronous i/o)
  • 'noders' is to node as 'ionians' is to io
  • you will probably be able to apt-get install iojs and get a node executable
  • the first release of io will be in January
  • the io team is working on an automated build infrastructure to enable a weekly release schedule
  • io core team (technical committee) meetings are on youtube
  • bugs etc fixed in node will be cherry-picked as necessary into io
  • still have questions? I'd suggest talking to both sides. Talk to a node.js core contributor and also talk to an io.js core contributor and draw your own conclusions.
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Just a random comment on June 2nd, 2021.

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And another random comment.

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Just a random comment on Jun 19th, 21.


just a random comment on 22 July 2021

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Tacide commented Sep 2, 2021

Leave a comment

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serapath commented Feb 2, 2022

just a random comment on 2nd February 2022

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kxrn0 commented May 30, 2022

is this thing on?

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Is anyone still using io.js? a stackoverflow answer led me here

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notpushkin commented Aug 25, 2022

Is anyone still using io.js?

Yes and no. In 2015, io.js was merged back into Node.

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Just a random comment in Augst 2023

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