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Last active Nov 13, 2020
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Speedo for ebike controller using hall effect sensor
#include "stm32f4xx.h" // Device header
// Constants
const int hall_counts_per_rot = 23; // number of counts per one wheel rotation
const float wheel_diameter = 0.4;// 0.662; //meters
const float pi = 3.1412; // pi
const float cir = pi * wheel_diameter; // circumfrenece of the wheel
const float mps_mph = 2.23694; // m/s to m/h conversion
//define some vars
volatile unsigned char LED_ON; // this is used to toggle the LED
volatile unsigned int HAL_count, HAL_count_frozen, timer_count = 0; // used for counting
double speed = 0.0; // var to hold the speed
//main loop
int main(void){
//Green LED is PD12
//enable the GPIO PORT D CLK
//Button is on PA0
//enable the GPIO port A CLK
//EXTI is on syscfg clk, so needs to be enabled
SYSCFG->EXTICR[0] |= SYSCFG_EXTICR1_EXTI0_PA; //link line 0 with Port A (so we're using PA0 as the interrupt)
//Configure the interupts
EXTI->IMR |= EXTI_IMR_MR0; // set line 0 to be enabled
EXTI->RTSR |= EXTI_RTSR_TR0; // set it to trigger on a rising edge
NVIC_SetPriority(EXTI0_IRQn, 0x03);
//Configure the pin 12 as an output
GPIOD->MODER |= GPIO_MODER_MODER12_0; // set the mode as ouput
//Configure the port A pin 0 as an input
//Configure timer 3 for a 0.5s delay, used for averaging the counts to get a speed reading
RCC->APB1ENR |= RCC_APB1ENR_TIM3EN; // enable the timer
TIM3->PSC = 0xF3; // this should give a 0.5s timer
TIM3->DIER |= TIM_DIER_UIE; //enable timer interrupts
NVIC_EnableIRQ(TIM3_IRQn); // enable the IRQ
TIM3->CR1 |= TIM_CR1_CEN; //enable the counter
// blink the LED every 0.5s, to check the timer is working
timer_count = TIM3->CNT; // get the value of the counter, used for debugging
speed = ((HAL_count_frozen * cir/hall_counts_per_rot) / 0.5) * mps_mph; // calculate the speed, in mph
//turn on the LED
if(LED_ON) {
GPIOD->ODR |= GPIO_ODR_ODR_12; // write a 1 to the output data register to turn on the LED
} else {
GPIOD->ODR &= ~(GPIO_ODR_ODR_12); // else, write a 0 to the output data register
//interrupt service routine, for counting pulses
void EXTI0_IRQHandler(void) {
if(EXTI->PR & (GPIOA->IDR) ) {
//clear the progress reg
EXTI->PR = 0x1;
//LED_ON = !LED_ON; // toggle the led
HAL_count++; // inc the counter
//interrupt service routine for the timer
int TIM3_IRQHandler(void) {
TIM3->SR = 0; // clear the status reg
//LED_ON = !LED_ON; // toggle the led
HAL_count_frozen = HAL_count; // freeze the counter
HAL_count = 0;// reset the counter
return HAL_count_frozen; // return the value for processing outside the IRQ
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