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Last active Jul 9, 2021
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To whoever is spamming this form:

I'm currently in the lobby of a doctor's office waiting to get my stitches out. My day is full enough. If you reach out with questions or a request for stickers, I will do my best to accomodate what you need.

The current way you're submitting this is causing me some trouble:

  1. I'm ~4,300 sticker envelopes behind on shipping right now. It isn't helping to have to filter out invalid addresses like 'hjhjhjhjhjhj'. The spam submissions that didn't request stickers were less troublesome.
  2. Shipping labels to India cost ~$8. I automated the shipping step so I wouldn't have to type this by hand, but now if I print one of these without checking the address I might be spending money on a label that can't go anywhere.
  3. This form submits to a spreadsheet that GitHub staff are a part of. If there are a bunch of records in there from burner email addresses, this reduces their trust that I can run this. If you're just using one club/hackathon it's much easier for me to handle.
  4. This service lets us know which hackathons and clubs have good attendance. You've been randomly submitting different hackathons and clubs, so I can't trust the numbers I'm looking at.

Just reach out if you're looking for access to the SDP or GitHub stickers. The current method causes trouble for me.

--msw (

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