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Created Oct 25, 2014
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This patch should not be required to import your Aperture library into Lightroom, and I don’t recommend using it. I wrote it when I was having problems with the import, but have since found the source of the problems fixable within the Aperture library. Please see my updated blog post at This g…
--- Import.lua.orig 2014-10-25 10:13:07.000000000 -0700
+++ Import.lua 2014-10-25 10:41:34.000000000 -0700
@@ -154,15 +154,15 @@
local kwdInf, outputPath, err = Utils.getKeywordInfo( aperturePkg, workDir )
- if props.importOnlyUsedKeywords then
+ if props.importOnlyUsedKeywords and kwdInf then
for i, root in ipairs( kwdInf.keywords ) do
dropUnusedKeywords( root, kwdInf.keywords, i, kwdInf.usedKeywords )
- kwdInf.usedKeywords = nil
if kwdInf and outputPath then
+ kwdInf.usedKeywords = nil
return processExtractedKeywordInfo( kwdInf, cat, logger )
logger:infof( "Failed to obtain keyword info from %s with error %s", aperturePkg, err )
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