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mazz / ContentView.swift
Last active Mar 16, 2021
swiftui CardViewModifier
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// ContentView.swift
// MixedInsets2
// Created by Michael Hanna on 2021-03-11.
import SwiftUI
struct ContentView: View {
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[error] GenServer #PID<0.1292.0> terminating
** (ArgumentError) assign @inner_content not available in eex template.
Please make sure all proper assigns have been set. If this
is a child template, ensure assigns are given explicitly by
the parent template as they are not automatically forwarded.
Available assigns: [:__changed__, :action, :flash, :id, :inner_block, :myself, :socket, :state]
(phoenix_live_view 0.15.0) lib/phoenix_live_view/engine.ex:870: Phoenix.LiveView.Engine.fetch_assign!/2
mazz / console_commands.log
Last active Feb 15, 2021
jekyll deploy static site
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## jekyll deploy
adduser jekyll
adduser jekyll sudo
su jekyll ; cd /home
mkdir ~/.ssh ; cd .ssh
cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
ssh-rsa <pubkey>
sudo chmod 700 -R ~/.ssh && chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
mkdir -p /home/jekyll/static/my_app
View cart_live.ex
defmodule RedpillsWeb.CartLive do
use Phoenix.LiveView
alias RedpillsWeb.Router.Helpers, as: Routes
require Logger
@impl true
def mount(_params, session, socket) do
shopping_cart = Map.get(session, "shopping_cart", [])
IO.inspect(shopping_cart, label: "RedpillsWeb.CartLive shopping_cart")
mazz / _user_menu.html.eex
Created Jan 28, 2021 — forked from andreaseriksson/_user_menu.html.eex
Use phoenix_live_session to communicate bewteen live views
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<%= live_render @conn, EcommerceWeb.CartLive %>
View application.ex
defmodule Markably.Application do
# See
# for more information on OTP Applications
@moduledoc false
use Application
alias Markably.Accounts.Invitations
require Logger
def start(_type, _args) do
View 20201130024114_create_bible_books.exs
defmodule Pearls.Repo.Migrations.CreateBibleBooks do
use Ecto.Migration
def change do
create table(:bible_books) do
add :name, :string
add :bible_id, references(:bible_versions, on_delete: :nothing)
add :testament, :string, null: false
View form.html.leex
user_status: <%= @user.status %>
<div class="mb-6">
<%= select(f, @user.status, @statuses) %>
View ensure_role_plug.ex
defmodule ElijahWeb.EnsureRolePlug do
@moduledoc """
This plug ensures that a user has a particular role before accessing a given route.
## Example
Let's suppose we have three roles: :admin, :manager and :user.
If you want a user to have at least manager role, so admins and managers are authorised to access a given route
plug ElijahWeb.EnsureRolePlug, [:admin, :manager]
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defmodule ElijahWeb.Router do
use ElijahWeb, :router
import ElijahWeb.UserAuth
import Plug.BasicAuth
alias ElijahWeb.EnsureRolePlug
pipeline :browser do
plug :accepts, ["html"]
plug :fetch_session