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# 1. Create base directories.
mkdir -p backend frontend fullstack union
# 2. Create virtual disk partitions
dd if=/dev/zero of=backend-dev bs=1024 count=1024
dd if=/dev/zero of=frontend-dev bs=1024 count=1024#
dd if=/dev/zero of=fullstack-dev bs=1024 count=1024
# 3. Create different file-systems
mkfs -t ext2 backend-dev
mkfs -t ext3 frontend-dev
mkfs -t ext4 fullstack-dev
# 4. Mount partitions with base directories
mount backend-dev backend
mount frontend-dev frontend
# 5. Create sample files
touch frontend/javascript frontend/git
echo "I am a version control for frontend languages" > frontend/git
touch backend/java backend/git
echo "I am a version control for backend languages." > backend/git
# 6. Unmount base directories
umount backend
umount frontend
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