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Example of custom styles using Markdown support in SwiftUI Text.
import SwiftUI
import PlaygroundSupport
import Foundation
struct MarkdownView: View {
var body: some View {
Text(try! AttributedString(markdown: "This is a **basic** _string_. Italic bits are red. All the **bold** bits are _coloured_ **green**! And [this is a link!](", customBoldColor: .green, customItalicColor: .red))
extension AttributedString {
init(markdown: String, customBoldColor: Color, customItalicColor: Color) throws {
try self.init(markdown: markdown)
for run in runs {
// Apply different styles for bold and italic text
switch run.inlinePresentationIntent {
case InlinePresentationIntent.stronglyEmphasized:
self[run.range].foregroundColor = customBoldColor
case InlinePresentationIntent.emphasized:
self[run.range].foregroundColor = customItalicColor
// Add underline to links
if != nil {
self[run.range].underlineStyle = .single
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