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@mbriggs mbriggs/redis.ex
Created Apr 12, 2016

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redis client
defmodule Autobot.Redis do
import Exredis
def start_link do
Agent.start_link(fn ->
{:ok, client} = Exredis.start_link
end, name: __MODULE__)
def get(key), do: exec(["GET", key])
def get_json(key), do: get(key) |> Poison.decode!
def set(key, val), do: exec(["SET", key, val])
def set(key, val, expire), do: exec(["SETEX", key, expire, val])
def set_json(key, val), do: exec(["SET", key, Poison.encode!(val)])
def set_json(key, val, expire), do: exec(["SETEX", key, expire, Poison.encode!(val)])
def remove(key), do: exec(["DEL", key])
defp exec(args) do
Agent.get(__MODULE__, fn client ->
query(client, args)
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