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function bindRange(scope, el, attrs){
var getFrom = $parse(attrs.pickFrom);
var setFrom = getFrom.assign;
var getTo = $parse(attrs.pickTo);
var setTo = getTo.assign;
var time = hasTime(attrs);
function updateField(){
var from = getFrom(scope);
var to = getTo(scope);
el.val(dateParsing[time ? "formatRangeWithTime" : "formatRange"](from, to));
scope.$watch(getFrom, updateField);
scope.$watch(getTo, updateField);
el.on('keyup', function(){
var parseMethod = time ? "parseRangeWithTime" : "parseRange";
var parsed = dateParsing[parseMethod](getFrom(scope), getTo(scope), el.val());
setFrom(scope, parsed.from);
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