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arr_groups = new Array()
System.log("Running active Directory Search")
var groups ="UserGroup", nameStartsWith)
var arr_ExceptionList = exceptionList.split(",")
for (var i in groups) {
if(arr_ExceptionList.indexOf(groups[i].name) == -1) {
return arr_groups
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mccbryan3 commented Feb 19, 2020

vRO - Get AD Groups in and Array to present in a dropdown with Exceptions

Usage of this script as an action in vRo:

This is an action script in vRo that should have two inputs as string.


Usage of this action in vRa blureprint custom form:

This should be set as a action based field in vRa and configured as pictured below.

Two examples below showing no exceptions with the "none" as a place holder and the other with multiple groups seperated by comma with no spaces.

The nameStartsWith fieled is the beginning of your group name. The exceptionList is a string that will be split by the comma in the action script to create an array of group names.


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