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Open PaaS / VMforce appears to be called AppCloud
# This class captures the common interactions with AppCloud that can be shared by different
# clients. Clients that use this class are the vmc CLI and the integration test automation.
# TBD - ABS: This is currently a minimal extraction of methods to tease out
# the interactive aspects of the vmc CLI from the AppCloud API calls.
# Send resource fingerprints to the cloud controller
response = resources_uri, fingerprints.to_json, auth_hdr
appcloud_resources = nil
if response.status == 200
appcloud_resources = JSON.parse(response.content)
# we will use the exploded version of the files here to whip through and delete what we
# will have appcloud fill in for us.
appcloud_resources.each { |resource| FileUtils.rm_f resource['fn'] }
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