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PublicNotifier (LiveWhale Application Module)
'handlers' => array('onAfterPublicSubmission')
class LiveWhaleApplicationPublicNotifier {
// These two arrays are for including the users and/or groups that
// should receive notifications when public submissions are made.
// Check that you don’t include a user in the users array that is
// also in a group in the group array as they will get duplicates
// and hate you. ;)
// To find a user’s id, edit the user you want and check for the id
// in the browser url, e.g. /livewhale/?users_edit?id=##&gid=##
// Note that you can also see their default group id there too, in
// the gid parameter.
// Likewise for groups, edit the group and note the url:
// /livewhale/?groups_edit?id=##
protected $users = array(
1, // user id
2, // user id
protected $groups = array(
1, // group id
2, // group id
// onAfterPublicSubmission
// This the handler method; it should receive type and id as parameters.
// $type : string, the pluralized name of the datatype, e.g. news, events, blurbs
// $id : integer, the id of the public submission just created
// In the handler, we do a redundant check for the type and id, since they
// are required for any action. We then check for the existence of LiveWhale’s
// core messaging utility. It would normally exist if you were logged into
// LiveWhale, but wouldn’t have been loaded for a simple public submission.
// It is added and instantiated if not present. Finally, we send the message
// to the users and groups in the above arrays.
// LiveWhale core messaging also has the ability to put a message into a user’s
// alert section on their welcome page, but as LiveWhale already does that for
// admins, I’ve skipped doing that here. Check the documentation section for a
// more in-depth discussion of LiveWhale core messaging functionality.
public function onAfterPublicSubmission ($type, $id) {
global $_LW;
if ( empty($type) || empty($id) ) { // check that type and id are present
return NULL;
if (empty($_LW->d_message)) { // load messaging if not present
if (!class_exists('LiveWhaleDataMessages')) {
require $_LW->INCLUDES_DIR_PATH.'/core/modules/messages/';
$_LW->d_messages=new LiveWhaleDataMessages;
$email_subject = "A New Public Submission Awaits You";
$email_message = "A public submission has been made. "
. "You can view it at the following address:\n\n"
. "https://{$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']}/livewhale/?{$type}_edit&id={$id}";
foreach ( (array) $this->users as $uid ) {
$_LW->d_messages->add(FALSE, $uid, FALSE, $email_subject, $email_message, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, TRUE, FALSE);
foreach ( (array) $this->groups as $gid ) {
$_LW->d_messages->add($gid, FALSE, FALSE, $email_subject, $email_message, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, TRUE, FALSE);
return NULL;
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