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Last active May 30, 2022 04:35
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interface Religion {
// Define behavior
final class God {
// There can be as many as you wish
final class PolythiesticReligion implements Religion {
private $gods;
public function __construct(Collection $gods) {
$this->gods = $gods;
final class MonotheisticReligion implements Religion {
private $godInstance;
public function __construct(God $onlyGod) {
$this->godInstance = $onlyGod;
// According to christianity there's only one God.
// This does not hold on other religions
$christianGod = new God();
$christianReligion = new MonotheisticReligion($christianGod);
// Under this context God is unique. We cannot create or change a new one.
// This is a scoped global
$jupiter = new God();
$saturn = new God();
$mythogicalReligion = new PolythiesticReligion([$jupiter, $saturn]);
// Gods are unique (or not) according to context
// We can create test religions with or without unicity
// This is less coupled since we break the direct reference to God class
// God class Single Responsibility is to create gods. Not to manage them
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