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Script in swift to write a view out to a TIFF file
#!/usr/bin/env xcrun swift
import Cocoa
// library code (one day)
func convertViewToTIFF(view: NSView) -> NSData? {
let application = NSApplication.sharedApplication()
let win = NSWindow(contentRect: view.bounds, styleMask: 0, backing: NSBackingStoreType.Nonretained, defer: false)
if let contentView: NSView = win.contentView as? NSView {
let rep = NSBitmapImageRep(focusedViewRect:view.bounds)
if let saferep = rep {
return saferep.TIFFRepresentation
return .None
// my logic
class MyView: NSView {
var backgroundColor : NSColor = NSColor.redColor();
override func drawRect(dirtyRect: NSRect) {
// script
func mymain() -> Void {
let test = MyView()
test.backgroundColor = NSColor.greenColor()
test.frame = NSMakeRect(0, 0, 300, 400)
if let tiffdata = convertViewToTIFF(test) {
tiffdata.writeToFile("/tmp/test.tiff", atomically: true)
} else {
println("Failed to render view")
test.backgroundColor = NSColor.blueColor()
test.frame = NSMakeRect(0, 0, 200, 200)
if let tiffdata = convertViewToTIFF(test) {
tiffdata.writeToFile("/tmp/test2.tiff", atomically: true)
} else {
println("Failed to render view")

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mdales commented Mar 22, 2015

The mymain is a hack, as otherwise any vars in your script are global, and then accessibile from anywhere (which makes me sad)

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