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Running KTX bots

Brief guide to running KTX with the bots enabled.

Downloading (Windows)

Compiling (Linux)

If you want to run mvdsv instead of ezquake, clone mvdsv from


Launch ezquake, disconnect from any servers, and enter the following at the console:

  • /gamedir ktxbots
  • /sv_progtype 1
  • /sv_progsname qwprogs
  • /map povdmm4
  • /botcmd addbot

Still a bit messy at times with warning messages etc, but should give you a chance to try the bots out.

Things to try:

  • Skill levels go from 0 to 20 - they were recently nerfed, aiming for reasonable but fun challenge at level 10
  • povdmm4, /botcmd addbot 10, check your LG% accuracy, then play again with /botcmd addbot 11 and see if it drops (hopefully it should).
  • Try using /cl_delay_packet to practice your hpw aim
  • When playing the bots in teamplay, /botcmd fill will fill the server, bots filling up spaces in the appropriate team
  • To add a bot to a particular team, specify the skill level and team name when adding, e.g. /botcmd addbot 15 blue
  • hoonymode2v2, nominate spawns (/team blue or /team red to pick team, then /pickspawn) then play 4 x 3 minute rounds (default) or 10 x 1 minute rounds
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