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Deply hugo static site to AWS s3
set -e
hugo -v
# Copy over pages
aws s3 sync --acl "public-read" --sse "AES256" public/ s3://$BUCKET_NAME/ --exclude 'img' --exclude 'js' --exclude 'css' --exclude 'post'
# Ensure static files are set to cache forever - cache for a month --cache-control "max-age=2592000"
aws s3 sync --cache-control "max-age=2592000" --acl "public-read" --sse "AES256" public/img/ s3://$BUCKET_NAME/img/
aws s3 sync --cache-control "max-age=2592000" --acl "public-read" --sse "AES256" public/css/ s3://$BUCKET_NAME/css/
aws s3 sync --cache-control "max-age=2592000" --acl "public-read" --sse "AES256" public/js/ s3://$BUCKET_NAME/js/
# Invalidate landing page so everything sees new post.
aws cloudfront create-invalidation --distribution-id $DISTRIBUTION_ID --paths /index.html /
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