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meeech / gist:b2dafdb31f90160e833c
Created Jun 29, 2015
pick from whitelist of random themes for oh-my-zsh
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#Add to your .zshrc right by ZSH_THEME
# Setup a random theme to load from a list I define
're5et' \
'sorin' \
'steeef' \
'dstufft' \
'random' \
gabstv /
Last active Jan 12, 2019
Convert videos to HTML5 friendly video formats (mp4, ogg and webm).
# For this to work, you need to have ffmpeg
# installed with libvorbis, theora and libvpx ENABLED
# to do that in Homebrew:
# brew reinstall ffmpeg --with-libvpx --with-libvorbis --with-theora
# encoding reference:
Spudz76 /
Last active Sep 25, 2019
Set up Windows Powershell to use cygwin where possible and optionally autolaunch bash when it starts up

#WebStorm Cygwin with "PowerBash" Begin with the guide by @nullivex here for general installation. NOTE: This is all with 32-bit stuff even on x64 platform. Cygwin32, and WebStorm and Node.js etc all set up 32-bit. You may skip the Git parts of that guide, and instead install Cygwin and the git and openssh it contains. Otherwise, you must NOT set up git in Cygwin so that the Native Git is found. But, that would sort of negate most of the gains herein. If you already use Cygwin and its git and have openssh keys all set up for Github and etc, this is a way to keep one set of configurations, and a familiar shell.

This will set up WebStorm to use Cygwin versions of everything except for:

  • Node.js (because there is no Cygwin version currently)
  • Python (because some of the Node.js/npm thin
nullivex /
Last active Apr 4, 2018
Windows 7 64bit, NodeJS 32bit, MongoDB, Mongoose, Bcrypt, SocketIO, Canvas, Git

Windows NodeJS Stack

This took me several hours to figure out so I figured it was worth writing down.

Hopefully this step by step can be used to get node running locally without a lot of problems that are commonly ran into.


Update July 7th 2014 - Updated most of the versions including not pointing to the heartbleed version of OpenSSL

MisterPoppet / tidesdk-mac-reopen.js
Created Jan 26, 2013
This is the bare minimum javascript you need to ensure that a TideSDK-based app will not exit when you close the window on a Mac. It simply reopens the closed the window.
View tidesdk-mac-reopen.js
var preventCloseEvent = function() {
var appWindow = Ti.UI.getCurrentWindow();
appWindow.addEventListener(Ti.CLOSE, function(event) {
return false;
return appWindow;
View app.js
var UI = {};
var W = {};
var V = {};
javan / gist:1168475
Created Aug 24, 2011
Fix iPhone home button
View gist:1168475
Found this tip in comment here:
1.) Open any application
2.) Press and hold the power button until the slide to shutdown swipe bar appears.
3.) Release Power button
4.) Press and hold Home button Lightly
until screen returns to icon screen
View JavaScriptJavaTypeMapping.textile
JavaScript Value JavaScript Type Java Type Is Scriptable Is Function
{a:1, b:['x','y']} object org.mozilla.javascript.NativeObject + -
[1,2,3] object org.mozilla.javascript.NativeArray + -
1 number java.lang.Double - -
1.2345 number java.lang.Double - -
NaN number java.lang.Double - -
Infinity number java.lang.Double - -
-Infinity number java.lang.Double - -
true boolean java.lang.Boolean -
cwholt / gist:1032827
Created Jun 18, 2011 download current playing song (adds to mouseover "Add song to:")
View gist:1032827
javascript:var cwh;for(i in turntable)cwh||(cwh=i);$('#songboard_add').append($('<div>',{'class':'btn disk'}).css({'background-image':'url('}).click(function(x){"//""/getfile/?roomid="+turntable[cwh]['roomId']+"&rand="+Math.random()+"&fileid="+turntable[cwh]['currentSong']['_id']+"&downloadKey="+$.sha1(turntable[cwh]['currentSong']['_id']+turntable[cwh]['roomId']))}))
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