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package main
import "fmt"
import hex "encoding/hex"
func xor_equal_len(hex_s1 string, hex_s2 string) string {
bytes_s1, _ := hex.DecodeString(hex_s1)
bytes_s2, _ := hex.DecodeString(hex_s2)
bytes_xor := make([]byte, len(bytes_s1))
for i := 0; i < len(bytes_s1); i++ {
bytes_xor[i] = bytes_s1[i] ^ bytes_s2[i]
return hex.EncodeToString(bytes_xor)
func main() {
fmt.Println("challenge 2 : ", xor_equal_len("1c0111001f010100061a024b53535009181c", "686974207468652062756c6c277320657965"))
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