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Melvin Tercan melvinmt

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// construct upload url
$upload_url = '';
$ch = curl_init();
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, 0);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_VERBOSE, 0);
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
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// first, save medium image
$ch = curl_init($medium['source']);
$medium_local_path = UPLOAD_DIR.'/'.time().'_'.basename($medium['source']);
$parse = parse_url($medium_local_path);
$medium_local_path = $parse['path']; // clean up dirty query strings from file name
$fh = fopen($medium_local_path, "w");
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$f = new tinyFlickr($flickr_api_key, $flickr_api_secret);
$request = $f->photos_getSizes($photo['id']);
// assume that largest size comes last:
$large = $request[count($request)-1];
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$t = new Tinypayme($mashape_api_key);
$code = $_GET['code'];
$request = $t->getOAuthAccessToken(YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN, $code);
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$t = new Tinypayme($mashape_api_key);
$redirect_uri = '';
$permission = 'create_items';
$request = $t->getOAuthPermission($marketplace_id, $redirect_uri, $permission);
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$t = new Tinypayme($mashape_api_key);
$request = $t->getCurrencies();
foreach ($request->result as $currency){
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$f = new tinyFlickr($flickr_api_key, $flickr_api_secret);
$request = $f->people_getPhotos($user_id);
foreach ($request['photos']['photo'] as $photo){
melvinmt / Geo::bounds
Created Nov 15, 2010
PHP class to calculate south-west and north-east bounds given a longitude, latitude and distance edit
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* @author Melvin Tercan
* @link
class Geo{
public static function bounds($mylat, $mylon, $dist = 100, $unit = 'km', $pyth_invert = true){
melvinmt / MoneyMedic Kassa Voorbeeld
Created Nov 11, 2010
In dit voorbeeld wordt er veilig in PHP een Kassa URL gegenereerd, zodat deze gegevens niet te zien zijn in de broncode
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$ch = curl_init();
$post = array(
'pay_amount' => 100,
'description' => 'Test Betaling',
'return_url' => '', // secret return URL
'kassa_secret' => 'MIJN_KASSA_SECRET', // you can find this in the advanced section
'no_redirect' => 1 // doesn't redirect to the kassa page, but prints the URL instead
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