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Hi all,
This email is to announce RewiredState: National Hack The Government Day on the 7th March. It's a hack day to show governments what could be done with the web to make the world a better place:
We'll be collecting all the feeds and APIs we can get, offered by official government sources and screen scraping new ones that aren't.
# Who should come
Developers, designers, data people, basically anyone who fancies having a go at building something. We'll be mixing all this data up with a room full of this country's best hackers. If you need to know how to pull semantic data from a particular session specific PDF link, we'll have just the boy or girl to help you.
# When, Where?
The Guardian
Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9GU
(it's very swish)
So if you want to help code a better country or there's just something nagging you about your local council's website, please register your interest.
Sign up and get more info at
Many thanks,
James Darling, Emma Mulqueeny & Richard Pope
PS: We need some help making a list of all the government and public sector data out there. If you have a few minutes to spare, please help us out for adding to our wiki:
PPS: Apologies if you've received this email multiple times,
as we have been cross-posting to a few select mailing lists.
We have not posted this to any lists or communities we are
not personally members of.
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