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Created Dec 20, 2012

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File List

A note on viewing the files

The website stores most pages in MarkDown format. The server runs these pages through the jekyll preprocessor and the pygments syntax highlighter. Also, the webserver remaps certain directories such as /images to ~/images.

The Filelist of

There are a lot of files in these directories, so you might like a guide. Feel free to edit this file as the repository changes and to update this date: the filelist was last accurate in December, 2011.

  • ~ : home directory of repository of
    • CNAME: A file so that will redirect to
      • favicon.ico: A favicon of the foxtail to show on web browser tabs
      • favicon.png: A PNG version of the foxtail
      • This list
      • global.css: A big css file used by most *.html files on the site. Included by _layouts/default.html and api/*.html.
      • index.html: The main webpage. It will not natively render: it goes through jekyll first, which parses out the yaml layout and title at the top of the page and applies the template _layouts\default.html.
      • pygments_style.css: A css file for pygments syntax highlighter for various languages. Included by ./_layouts/default.html.
  • ~/api: A directory of one html page per API method or concept with an overview in index.html. The files are can be viewed directly and do not require preprocessing.
  • ~/cookbook: stub for cookbooks. Cookbooks are actually done in a forum discussion and at CraftyComponents.
    • placeholder to discuss cookbooks
    • description of the single text-sprite fiddle, to use a graphic font in your page.
    • ./examples/textsprite: example files for the text-sprite fiddle
      • textsprite.html: an html file with embedded javascript to write "Crafty Roxx" in a font
      • font-hand-24x32.png: a hand drawn font
  • ~/demos: a subdirectory of playable demos, usually with full source code. Each game is organized a bit differently and many contain a game.js file with the primary crafty code. Not all demos run.
    • crafty.js: a 0.1 version of the full (not minimized) Crafty library. Some demos link to this in their html files.
    • ./asteroids: a simple asteroids game in 6K of source: score, backgrounds, directional movement, key up and key down.
    • ./builder: Crafty Builder, a starting IDE for Crafty code using JSLint, a preview mode, and an inspector. A work in progress, meaning so buggy it is hard to use. It's 180K of JavaScript code, none of it Crafty sample code.
    • ./collision: a very short (<1K) demo that does not run and appears incomplete.
    • ./connect4: a 4K Connect 4 showing drag and drop.
    • ./elevatoraction: an elevator action clone in 8K. Uses sounds. Does not run.
    • ./fruitassassin: a 2K game that throws spinning fruit to cut with you mouse. Runs. Shows mouseover and tight code.
    • ./isometric: a 1.5K demo showing an scrollable isometric landscape. Right click destroys tiles, showing depth. Runs.
    • ./stresstest: a short program putting 500 sprites on the canvas. Does not run.
    • ./test: fruitassassin, but with a different version of crafty.js.
    • ./thumbs: a collection of thumbnail PNG files of screenshots of these and other demos or games.
    • ./tutorial: an early version of the bananaman tutorial, in one page, showing many basic concepts.
  • ~/images: A set of images used to render the site's html pages.
  • ~/release: A set of directories, one for each of release of crafty.js. Each directory is named 0.major #.minor # with normal and minimized copies. For example, directory ~/release/0.5.3/ contains crafty.js and the minimized crafty-min.js. The exception is the directory named dev which contain only crafty.js.
  • ~/tutorial directory tree: The Bananaman tutorial. This is also related to ~/demo/tutorial and many bananabomber repositories on github.
    • home page with tables of contents.
    • a random list of different engines, services, games, conferences, and more.
    • mostly blank.
  • ~/tutorial/administrative
    • an old piece of advice on structuring directories for games.
  • ~/tutorial/bananabomber
    • bananabomber-1.png: sample of a generated level.
    • bananabomer-sprites.png: sprites page with 4 lines of 16x16 sprites.
    • a copy of ~/tutorial/
    •,, lessons. Linked from main index under "Top-down game: BananaBomber"
  • ~/tutorial/entities-components
    • a placeholder lesson on concepts and organzation.
    • a placeholder for a sample game for the above lesson.
  • ~/tutorial/event-binding
    • a placeholder for explaining events and callbacks
    • a placeholder for a sample game for the above lesson.
  • ~/tutorial/games
    • ./pong pong.html: an html file with embedded pong game. Used as an iframe in "How Crafty Works", ~/tutorial/getting-started/
  • ~/tutorial/getting-started
    • lesson
    • how-crafty-works: lesson. Overview and breakout game.
  • ~/tutorial/integrations
    • ./flexpi: Integration with FlexPi, providing network high scores, badges, etc. The service may be defunct, as trying to create an account bombs out.
      •,,, Lessons for using FlexPi
  • ~/_layouts directory tree: Jekyll template files for sections of the site, mostly the sidebar menus.
    • cookbook.html: placeholder for cookbook sidebar of code snippets
    • default.html: default layout automatically used in home page and others. Connects to add engines.
    • tutorial.html: layout for tutorial pages with sidebar of current lessons
  • eof
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