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Simple query against REST API in Python
import os
import urllib
import urllib2
import json
import pprint
# Grab credentials from the environment
consumer_key = os.environ['CLIENT_ID']
consumer_secret = os.environ['CLIENT_SECRET']
username = os.environ['USERNAME']
password = os.environ['PASSWORD']
login_server = os.environ['LOGIN_SERVER']
# Do OAuth username/password
token_url = login_server+'/services/oauth2/token'
params = urllib.urlencode({
'grant_type': 'password',
'client_id': consumer_key,
'client_secret': consumer_secret,
'username': username,
'password': password
data = urllib2.urlopen(token_url, params).read()
oauth = json.loads(data)
# Now do a query
params = urllib.urlencode({
'q': 'SELECT Name FROM Account'
query_url = oauth['instance_url']+'/services/data/v23.0/query?%s' % params
headers = {
'Authorization': 'OAuth '+oauth['access_token']
req = urllib2.Request(query_url, None, headers)
data = urllib2.urlopen(req).read()
result = json.loads(data)

Thanks for this


if i may ask, what is the login server? Is the instance server? Im getting 401s all over the place...


login_server is either or depending on whether you are using a production or sandbox instance.


For those linked to this looking for the same but as a class,

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