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Last active Jan 16, 2019
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import tensorflow as tf
import numpy as np
from IPython.display import clear_output, Image, display, HTML
def strip_consts(graph_def, max_const_size=32):
"""Strip large constant values from graph_def."""
strip_def = tf.GraphDef()
for n0 in graph_def.node:
n = strip_def.node.add()
if n.op == 'Const':
tensor = n.attr['value'].tensor
size = len(tensor.tensor_content)
if size > max_const_size:
tensor.tensor_content = tf.compat.as_bytes("<stripped %d bytes>"%size)
return strip_def
def rename_nodes(graph_def, rename_func):
res_def = tf.GraphDef()
for n0 in graph_def.node:
n = res_def.node.add()
n.MergeFrom(n0) = rename_func(
for i, s in enumerate(n.input):
n.input[i] = rename_func(s) if s[0]!='^' else '^'+rename_func(s[1:])
return res_def
def show_graph(graph_def, max_const_size=32, width=800, height=600):
"""Visualize TensorFlow graph."""
if hasattr(graph_def, 'as_graph_def'):
graph_def = graph_def.as_graph_def()
strip_def = strip_consts(graph_def, max_const_size=max_const_size)
code = """
function load() {{
document.getElementById("{id}").pbtxt = {data};
<link rel="import" href="" onload=load()>
<div style="height:{height}px">
<tf-graph-basic id="{id}"></tf-graph-basic>
""".format(data=repr(str(strip_def)), id='graph'+str(np.random.rand()), height=str(height))
iframe = """
<iframe seamless style="width:{width}px;height:{height}px;border:0" srcdoc="{code}"></iframe>
""".format(code=code.replace('"', '&quot;'), width=width, height=str(height + 20))
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