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from sklearn import datasets
from sklearn import metrics
from sklearn.naive_bayes import GaussianNB
def get_iris_dataset():
Get the iris data set using sklearn library
:return: Dictionary-like object
return datasets.load_iris()
def create_model(model_class, dataset):
:param model_class: BaseNB class
:param dataset: Dictionary-like object
mdl = model_class(),
return mdl
def print_classification_report(expected, predicted):
print("Classification report")
print(metrics.classification_report(expected, predicted))
def print_separator():
print("=" * 30)
def print_confusion_matrix(expected, predicted):
print("Confusion matrix:")
print(metrics.confusion_matrix(expected, predicted))
ds = get_iris_dataset()
model = create_model(GaussianNB, ds)
expected =
predicted = model.predict(
print_classification_report(expected, predicted)
print_confusion_matrix(expected, predicted)
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