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;; (global-set-key [remap other-window] 'other-window-or-prompt)
(defun other-window-or-prompt (count &optional all-frames)
"Calls `other-window' as you'd expect from \\[C-x o] with the exception when
there is an active prompt. In this case the minibuffer
window will become active. If the prompt was active on a different frame than
the current one that frame will be gain focus."
(interactive "p")
(if (minibuffer-prompt)
(let* ((minibuf (active-minibuffer-window))
(minibuf-frame (window-frame minibuf)))
(unless (equal minibuf-frame (selected-frame))
(select-frame minibuf-frame)
(raise-frame minibuf-frame))
(when (window-live-p minibuf)
(select-window minibuf))))
(other-window count all-frames)))
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