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Rebuild local che server and push the image into internal registry of CRC
# This should run a level above the Eclipse Che server checkout which is assumed in a subdir called "che".
# CRC is assumed to be running.
# Che is assumed to be installed by chectl using operator.
# It uses podman for the images and assumes docker is aliased to podman.
CUR_USER=`oc whoami`
if [[ "$CUR_USER" == "kube:admin" ]]; then
REGISTRY=`oc registry info`
INTERNAL_REGISTRY=`oc registry info --internal=true`
TOKEN=`oc whoami -t`
oc get project $NS > /dev/null || {
echo Project $NS doesn\'t exist. Did you install Che using chectl?
echo Run chectl as follows:
echo chectl server:start -a operator -p crc -n $NS
exit 1
# build the che server assembly
cd che/assembly
mvn clean install -Dskiptests
# rebuild the docker image
cd ../dockerfiles/che
./ --dockerfile:Dockerfile
# push the docker image to the openshift registry
podman login -u $CUR_USER -p $TOKEN $REGISTRY --tls-verify=false
podman tag localhost/eclipse/che-server:nightly $IMAGE
podman push $IMAGE docker://$REGISTRY/$IMAGE --tls-verify=false
# deploy the self-signed-cert to make TLS work if needed without much effort
oc get secret router-ca -n openshift-ingress-operator -o jsonpath="{.data.tls\.crt}" | base64 -d > ca.crt
oc create secret generic self-signed-certificate --from-file=ca.crt -n=$NS
rm ca.crt
# update the Che CR
oc patch checluster/eclipse-che --patch "{\"spec\":{\"server\":{\"cheImage\": \"$INTERNAL_REGISTRY/$IMAGE_NAME\", \"cheImageTag\":\"$TAG\" }}}" --type=merge -n $NS
# force the operator to redeploy the server
oc delete deployment/che -n $NS
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