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raptor -- type less to do more with a Perl one-liner
# Based on
# and a couple more things which are *really* handy
function raptor {
case "$1" in
-*) break ;;
echo "Syntax: raptor [-lneEp etc] 'code'
The code can make use of:
DD() to Data::Dumper::Dumper() a thing, D() to say() it
YY() to YAML::Dump() a thing, Y() to say() it
JEE() to JSON::XS::encode (utf8/pretty) a thing, JE() to say() it
JD() to JSON::XS::decode (utf8/allow nonref) a thing
R() to File::Slurp::read_file
W() to File::Slurp::write_file
S() to say()
return 1;;
*) set -- -E "$@" ;;
perl -MFile::Slurp -MJSON::XS -MData::Dumper -MYAML::XS -Mutf8::all -MClass::Autouse=:superloader -E "
sub D(\$) { say DD(shift) }
sub DD(\$) { Dumper(shift) }
sub Y(\$) { say YY(shift) }
sub YY(\$) { Dump(shift) }
sub JE(\$) { say JEE(shift) }
sub JEE(\$) { JSON::XS->new->utf8->pretty->encode(shift) }
sub JD(\$) { JSON::XS->new->utf8->allow_nonref->decode(shift) }
sub R(\$) { scalar read_file shift }
sub W(\$\$) { write_file @_ }
sub S { say @_ }
" $@

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ironcamel commented Jun 27, 2011

Why isn't the entire script in perl?


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mfontani commented Jun 27, 2011

I guess mainly so one can use Perl's command-line arguments as they are used to, like perl -lnE' ... '.
The above way (credits to the blog post!) also makes -E optional, as the shell sets it when not specified.
I did not look for a way to have the above done in Perl directly: the above method "works for me" :)


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ironcamel commented Sep 25, 2011

You can implement this in perl and still take advantage of command line options such as -lne. See my fork for an example. Perl looks so much better than bash to me :) To use my version, you have to drop the file in ~/bin/p, and then you can invoke it like so p -lne '...'. Also, for some reason, your version requires parens when calling the functions. To read in a file and print it out, you have to do: raptor 'S(R("foo.txt"))'. In my version, that can be done via p 'S r "foo.txt"'. I'm not sure why yours requires parens. Thanks for posting this. It was fun hacking on it.

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