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require 'java'
java_package 'java.util'
java_package 'io.crate'
java_package 'io.crate.udf'
java_package 'io.crate.metadata'
java_import 'io.crate.udf.UserDefinedScalarFunction'
java_import 'io.crate.metadata.FunctionIdent'
java_import 'io.crate.metadata.FunctionInfo'
java_import 'io.crate.DataType'
java_import 'java.util.Arrays'
class DebuggingServer(SMTPServer):
# Do something with the gathered message
def process_message(self, peer, mailfrom, rcpttos, data):
inheaders = 1
lines = data.split('\n')
print '---------- MESSAGE FOLLOWS ----------'
for line in lines:
# headers first
if inheaders and not line:
print 'X-Peer:', peer[0]
#!/usr/bin/env python
from io.crate.udf import UserDefinedScalarFunction, UserDefinedAggregationFunction
from io.crate.operation.aggregation import AggregationState
from io.crate import DataType
from io.crate.metadata import FunctionIdent, FunctionInfo
from java.util import Arrays
from java.lang import Long

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I hereby claim:

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