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How to Create Static lib
AddTwoNumber (long first, long second){
return first + second;
#include <stdio.h>
long SubTwoNumber (long, long);
long AddTwoNumber (long, long);
main (void){
printf ("[2-3]=[%ld]\n", SubTwoNumber (2, 3));
printf ("[2+3]=[%ld]\n", AddTwoNumber (2, 3));
return 0;
output: libmat.a
cc main.c -o output -L. -lmat
libmat.a: add.o sub.o
ar rcs libmat.a add.o sub.o
%.o: %.c
cc -c $<
.[PHONY]: clean
yes | rm *.o
yes | rm output
yes | rm lib*.a
SubTwoNumber (long first, long second){
return first - second;
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