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Color the chartArea for each x point.
import { Easing, PluginServiceGlobalRegistration, PluginServiceRegistrationOptions } from 'chart.js';
export class BackgroundPlugin implements PluginServiceGlobalRegistration, PluginServiceRegistrationOptions {
id = 'background-plugin';
beforeDraw(chartInstance: Chart, easing: Easing, options?: any): void {
const chartOptions = chartInstance.options as any;
if (!('backgroundPlugin' in chartOptions) || !('backgroundColors' in chartOptions.backgroundPlugin)) {
const backgroundColors = chartOptions.backgroundPlugin.backgroundColors;
const context = chartInstance.ctx;
const area = chartInstance.chartArea;
const meta = chartInstance.getDatasetMeta(0);;
for (let i = 0; i < backgroundColors.length - 1; i++) {
const start =[i]._model.x;
const stop =[i+1]._model.x;
context.fillStyle = backgroundColors[i];
context.fillRect(start,, stop - start, area.bottom -;
Chart.pluginService.register(new BackgroundPlugin());
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