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Created May 8, 2017
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cURL measurements as json
↳ cat curl-format.txt
"time_namelookup": %{time_namelookup},\n
"time_connect": %{time_connect},\n
"time_appconnect": %{time_appconnect},\n
"time_pretransfer": %{time_pretransfer},\n
"time_redirect": %{time_redirect},\n
"time_starttransfer": %{time_starttransfer},\n
"time_total": %{time_total}\n
↳ LC_NUMERIC="en_US-UTF-8" curl -w "@curl-format.txt" -o /dev/null -s ""
"time_namelookup": 0.060,
"time_connect": 0.178,
"time_appconnect": 0.639,
"time_pretransfer": 0.639,
"time_redirect": 0.000,
"time_starttransfer": 0.756,
"time_total": 0.756

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@mgor mgor commented May 8, 2017


LC_NUMERIC="en_US-UTF-8" curl -w '{"time_appconnect": %{time_namelookup}, "time_connect": %{time_connect}, "time_appconnect": %{time_appconnect}, "time_pretransfer": %{time_pretransfer}, "time_redirect": %{time_redirect}, "time_starttransfer": %{time_starttransfer}, "time_total": %{time_total}}' -o /dev/null -s "" | python -m json.tool
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