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function showRow(doc){
var cache = getCache_();
try {
// if cache is set and id matches handle open row for editing
if ( && === doc.getId()){
doc.toast("Opened on row for editing...");
var sheet = doc.getSheetByName(cache.sheet);
if (sheet != null) {
sheet.hideRows(2, sheet.getLastRow()-1); // hide all the rows
sheet.showRows(cache.row); // show row
if (cache.header > 0){ // if header set show it
sheet.showRows(1, cache.header);
} else {
doc.setActiveRange(sheet.getRange("B1")); // set to row one first to keep above fold
PropertiesService.getUserProperties().setProperty("id", "");
// tried CacheService but seemed unreliabe
} else {
// default to showing all rows .. bit of a hacky way of doing it
var sheets = doc.getSheets();
for(var n in sheets){
sheets[n].showRows(1, sheets[n].getLastRow());
doc.toast("Showing all rows...");
} catch(e) {
PropertiesService.getUserProperties().setProperty("id", "");
doc.toast("Error on " +e.lineNumber + " "+e.message);
function getCache_(){
// tried CacheService but seemed unreliabe
// return CacheService.getUserCache().getAll(KEYS);
return PropertiesService.getUserProperties().getProperties();

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@cklann1 cklann1 commented Jan 23, 2017

Thanks for the example, Martin! Updated to fix minor syntax on row 16 (throwing an error on hideRow()).

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