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// Modified from
function emailCharts(sheet,emails,emailSubject){
var charts = sheet.getCharts();
to: emails,
subject: "ERROR:"+emailSubject,
htmlBody: "No charts in the spreadsheet"});
var chartBlobs=new Array(charts.length);
var emailBody="Charts<br>";
var emailImages={};
for(var i=0;i<charts.length;i++){
var builder = charts[i].modify();
builder.setOption('vAxis.format', '#');
var newchart =;
chartBlobs[i]= newchart.getAs('image/png');
emailBody= emailBody + "<p align='center'><img src='cid:chart"+i+"'></p>";
emailImages["chart"+i]= chartBlobs[i];
to: emails,
subject: emailSubject,
htmlBody: emailBody,

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@akkisapra akkisapra commented Nov 9, 2016

Hi @mshawksey,
I read your article on
I am looking to mail my google chart. but i could not. Can you please help me on understanding your logic and how to use it ??

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