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MIddleware to allow celery tasks to be batched per request.
from celery import task
class AsyncTaskMiddleware(object):
Dynamically adds an async task queue to the request to be executed when the
response is processed.
All tasks added to the request are executed using a single asynchronous celery task.
Once the task is executed, it will execute each individual task in its own celery
Example Usage:
>> request.add_async_task(foobar, 1, 2)
>> request.add_async_task(barbaz, 4, 5)
def execute_tasks(self, tasks):
for task in tasks:
def process_response(self, request, response):
Aggregates all tasks found on the
return response
def process_request(self, request):
Dynamically adds the async task array and add_async_task method. to the request.
request._async_tasks = []
def add_async_task(self, task, *args, **kwargs):
request._async_tasks.append(partial(task, *args, **kwargs))
add_method(request, add_async_task, 'add_async_task')
return None
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