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Michael Hulse mhulse

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turboMaCk / index.html
Last active Aug 29, 2015
D3.js Chart Library Boilerplate
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<div id="mydiv"></div>
<div id="mydiv2"></div>
<script src=""></script>
jagoda / terminal.css
Created Nov 28, 2011
jQuery UI Terminal Widget
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.terminal-cursor {
background-color: #00ff00;
color: black;
.terminal-console {
background-color: black;
font-family: monospace, courier, arial;
color: #00ff00;
jjaramillo / gist:1859669
Created Feb 18, 2012
trying to install git on lion...
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==> make prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/git/ CC=/Applications/
* new build flags or prefix
* new link flags
./ > common-cmds.h+ && mv common-cmds.h+ common-cmds.h
/Applications/ -o hex.o -c -MF ./.depend/hex.o.d -MMD -MP -Os -w -pipe -march=native -I. -DUSE_ST_TIMESPEC -DNO_GETTEXT -DHAVE_DEV_TTY -DSHA1_HEADER='<openssl/sha.h>' -DNO_MEMMEM hex.c
/Applications/ -o ident.o -c -MF ./.depend/ident.o.d -MMD -MP -Os -w -pipe -march=native -I. -DUSE_ST_TIMESPEC -DNO_GETTEXT -DHAVE_DEV_TTY -DSHA1_HEADER='<openssl/sha.h>' -DNO_MEMMEM ident.c
/Applications/ -o kwset.o -c -MF ./.depend/kwset.o.d -MMD -MP -Os -w -pipe -march=native -I. -DUSE_ST_TIMESPEC -DNO_GETTEXT -DHAVE_DEV_TTY -DSHA1_HEADER='<openssl/sha.h>' -D
View ie-hacks.css
/* based upon: */
/*IE 6 and IE 7 */
.something {*display:block;}
/* IE 6 */
body .something { _display: block;}
/* IE 6 */
View rainbow-gradient.css
.rainbow {
color: rgb(206,106,255); /* Old browsers */
-moz-mask-image: -moz-linear-gradient(top, rgb(206,106,255) 0%, rgb(201,97,252) 0%, rgb(95,255,255) 34%, rgb(102,249,98) 65%, rgb(255,96,96) 100%, rgb(255,105,106) 100%); /* FF3.6+ */
-webkit-mask-image: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%,rgb(206,106,255)), color-stop(0%,rgb(201,97,252)), color-stop(34%,rgb(95,255,255)), color-stop(65%,rgb(102,249,98)), color-stop(100%,rgb(255,96,96)), color-stop(100%,rgb(255,105,106))); /* Chrome,Safari4+ */
-webkit-mask-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(top, rgb(206,106,255) 0%,rgb(201,97,252) 0%,rgb(95,255,255) 34%,rgb(102,249,98) 65%,rgb(255,96,96) 100%,rgb(255,105,106) 100%); /* Chrome10+,Safari5.1+ */
-o-mask-image: -o-linear-gradient(top, rgb(206,106,255) 0%,rgb(201,97,252) 0%,rgb(95,255,255) 34%,rgb(102,249,98) 65%,rgb(255,96,96) 100%,rgb(255,105,106) 100%); /* Opera 11.10+ */
-ms-mask-image: -ms-linear-gradient(top, rgb(206,106,255) 0%,rgb(201,97,252) 0%,rgb(95,255,255) 34%
azsromej / archives.html
Created Mar 7, 2012
Jekyll generator plugin to group posts by month for archives page
View archives.html
layout: default
title: Archives
<h1>{{ page.title }}</h1>
<div class="archives">
{% for month in page.months %}
<h2>{{ month | date:"%B" }} <small>{{ month | date:"%Y" }}</small></h2>
{% for post in page.posts_by_month[month] %}
mhulse / jquery.plugin.1.0.0.js
Created Jul 8, 2012
2012: My personal jQuery plugin starter template...
View jquery.plugin.1.0.0.js
* jQuery pluginName
* @author First Last
* @link
* @docs
* @copyright Copyright (c) YYYY First Last.
* @license Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.
* @version 1.0.0
* @date YYYY/MM/DD
WSGI config for fitvaina project.
This module contains the WSGI application used by Django's development server
and any production WSGI deployments. It should expose a module-level variable
named ``application``. Django's ``runserver`` and ``runfcgi`` commands discover
this application via the ``WSGI_APPLICATION`` setting.
Usually you will have the standard Django WSGI application here, but it also
might make sense to replace the whole Django WSGI application with a custom one
iamnoah / sequence-writes.js
Created Jul 25, 2012
WriteCapture2 multiple writes in sequence
View sequence-writes.js
var lastWrite = $.Deferred();
$.fn.write = function(html) {
return this.each(function() {
var def = $.Deferred();
var el = this;
lastWrite.then(function() {
writeCapture(el,function() { def.resolve(); }).close(html);
csswizardry / tagged.css
Created Aug 7, 2012
Leaving tags in CSS files to find similar chunks of code
View tagged.css
TAGS: ^lists ^navigation ^text
As per
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