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BDD Cookbook Writing
# After approximately 3 hours of discussion we have come up with the following:
- Integration testing with Minitest
- Functional testing with ChefSpec
- Because Minitest runs after convergence, it becomes time consuming to test during cookbook development.
- Testing with ChefSpec during development helps ensure your cookbook meets functional requirements.

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@Blackavar Blackavar commented May 15, 2012

Possible general concept of cookbooks generating expectations for testing during their run - whether in an existing language like RSpec/Cucumber/Minitest, or a DSL that covers the applicable concepts, including though not limited to:

  • Process named foo exists [owned by user bar]
  • Listener on port
  • expect-style syntax for more detail.
  • etc etc etc.

The output of this could be pretty easily pulled into a monitoring tool like Cucumber-nagios/etc, leading to easier test-driven infrastructure dev.


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@Blackavar Blackavar commented May 16, 2012

In addition - would be nice to have a standard for the cookbook testing, so that cookbooks can be added to a CI tool, building confidence in the community cookbooks by regular testing on multiple platforms.

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