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@micha micha/index.cljs.hl
Last active Mar 8, 2016

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(page "index.html")
(let [dragging (cell nil)
reorder (fn [items from to]
(let [item (get items from)
[head tail] (split-at from items)
[head tail] (split-at to (into (vec head) (rest tail)))]
(into (vec head) (cons item tail))))]
(defmethod do! :reorderable
[elem k [items i]]
(with-timeout 0
(doto (js/jQuery elem)
(.on "mousedown" #(reset! dragging [@items @i]))
(.on "mousemove" #(when @dragging
(let [[items* from] @dragging]
(reset! items (reorder items* from @i))))))))
(-> (js/jQuery "body")
(.on "mouseup" #(reset! dragging nil)))))
(def indexed (partial map-indexed list))
(defc items ["a" "b" "c" "d" "e"])
(link :href "app.css" :rel "stylesheet"))
(h1 "Hello, Hoplon!")
:bindings [[i item] (cell= (indexed items))]
(li :reorderable [items i] :text item)))))
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